La Crosse Community Theatre believes everyone should have an opportunity to experience the wonders of theatre, regardless of financial circumstances. LCT is thrilled to offer an opportunity for financial aid on a sliding scale. Applications are limited to one session per student. You cannot combine scholarship discounts with other offered discounts.

Scholarships to the Star Academy are competitive. Completing an application does not guarantee a scholarship award. Families who do not qualify for a scholarship can still set up a payment plan by calling the box office at 608-784-9292.

How do I apply?

To ensure your child’s spot in class is reserved, first register your child for your desired class session. During checkout, you will have an option to pay for only the scholarship registration fee ($10). Please note you will have to pay a registration fee for each child applying for a scholarship in your household. We will apply your registration fee towards your child’s tuition. If you are awarded a full scholarship, or if you are denied a scholarship and cannot attend the class, we will refund your registration fee.

Next, complete the online application. You must complete an application for each child seeking a scholarship in your household.

How much will I Pay?

Awards are given based on your household income from the previous year and your household size.

Financial Aid Scale

For example, let’s say you have a family of 3 and your household income is $40,500. According to the chart, your family will be required to pay 40% of the tuition cost. Let’s say tuition is normally $150.

Tuition of Class ($150) x Tuition Commitment Percentage (0.4) = Total Tuition ($60)

Total Tuition ($60) – Scholarship Registration Fee ($10) = Total Due ($50)