Noises Off

Noises Off
–Theatre PG-13
In this madcap comedy, everyone gets caught in the act.

Have you ever wondered what really goes on backstage? Follow the mishaps of a fourth-rate acting troupe on a madcap journey through the rehearsal and tour of a low-budget production of Nothing On, an unlikely comedy set in an even more unlikely English manor. Doors bang, clothes fall, identities are confused, and sardines vanish—all the ingredients of a classic farce.

By Michael Frayn.
Greg Parmeter

Directed by Greg Parmeter

Greg earned his MFA from the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His acting credits include seasons with the Nebraska Repertory Theatre, the Virginia Shakespeare Festival, the Northern Fort Playhouse and a tour with the Hampstead Stage Company. Greg is in his sixth season with LCT.

Dotty Otley
Suzanne Young
Garry Lejeune
Kevin Laumbach
Lloyd Dallas
Scott Jenks
Brooke Ashton
Dominique Sicard
Poppy Norton-Taylor
Ash Dockry
Frederick Fellowes
Dustin Luecke
Belinda Blair
Stacy Bruemmer
Tim Allgood
Rhys Wolff
Selsdon Mowbray
Jim Nelson
Greg Parmeter
Costume Designer
Mandy Parmeter
Set Designer
Dillon McArdle
Lighting Designer
Tim Harris
Stage Manager
April Brown
Props Master
Sara L. Adams
Assistant Stage Manager
Lisa K. Adams
Set Construction
Dennis Dorman
Gary Mundinger
Jim Nelson
Bob Raasch
Set Painting
Ash Dockry
Sharon Markee
Suzanne Young
Costume Construction
Jennifer Burchell
Katya Carter
Amanda Cook
Emily Felsheim
Francie Johnson
Sound Board Operator
Susan T. Hessel
Set Crew
David Bornitz
John Boyle
Jason Bernhagen
Nate Schams
Nate Wolff
Prop Crew
Linda Evans
Costume Crew
Dawn Anderson
Donna Buros Hanson
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